Self Help and Support Resources

If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual misconduct please consider the following information as a means to recovery.  Below are sections for survivors, friends, and faculty and staff.

Whether you are a survivor or helping a survivor remember the following things:

  • Most people who are sexually assaulted know the perpetrator. Because of this, the person who has been assaulted may not want to reveal the name of the assailant. Some feel comfortable reporting an incident of sexual assault, others do not. The person assaulted should take the steps they feel will best help them feel safe and heal.

  • Many assailants will attempt to lay blame and fault the person who was assaulted by saying these or other things: "You asked for it" or "You wanted it." In fact, how another person acts, what they say or what they wear is never justification for sexual assault.

If you need additional advice or someone to talk to, consider a friend or family member, in addition to the following members of the Viterbo and La Crosse community.  Be advised that all members of the Viterbo Community are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct, except for those listed as 'Confidential Viterbo Support Resources'.

Resources and Supports

Confidential Viterbo Support Resources

Counseling Services Student Development Center 608-796-3808
Fr. Conrad Targonski
University Chaplain
370 Murphy Center 608-796-3904

*These employees will report the incident of sexual misconduct, but will omit any identifying information.


Viterbo Employees Who Must Report Sexual Misconduct

Adam Malin  Director of Campus Security 5 Student Development Center


Kirsten Gabriel  Director of Student Life and Orientation 101 Marian Hall South/Hawk's Nest


Margy Frazier Assistant Director of Residence Life  106c Marian Hall South/Hawk's Nest


Rick Trietley Vice President for Student Affairs 2 Student Development Center


Heather Butterfield Director of Human Resources 200 Murphy Center


Todd Ericson Vice President for Finance and Administration 214 Murphy Center


Coaches and Athletics Staff      
Faculty and Staff Who Advise Student Organizations         


Confidential Community Resources

Mayo Franciscan Healthcare Safe Path 608-392-7804
Mayo Franciscan Healthcare SANE Nurses 608-392-9720
Gundersen Sexual Assault Services 608-775-5950
Gundersen Sexual Abuse Counseling and Support Services 608-775-3845
Great Rivers 211 Information and Referral Hotline Dial 211 or 1-800-362-8255
New Horizons Shelter for Battered Women 608-791-2600


Information for Survivors

Remember, that sexual  misconduct is not the fault of the survivor.  Try to be strong and active in your recovery.  You are not alone at Viterbo University and in the La Crosse community, please seek assistance as needed and try to make every effort to advocate for yourself as you move forward in the recovery process.

How To Help a Friend

To help a friend who has been sexually assaulted, be supportive - not instructive.  Allow your friend or loved one to take their time in making their own decisions about how to handle the situation.  Remind them of their options, but try to avoid taking the decision making out of their hands.  Below are a few tips to be a strong support in a time of need.

Information for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who come in contact with a student who has been a victim of sexual assault should be gentle and concerned. Listen to the student and follow the procedures outlined on Viterbo Speaks Up.  Inform the student that for reporting purposes, names of victims are kept confidential, unless confidentiality could possibly place other students at risk for acts of sexual misconduct. 

For more information, check out Resource: Apps and Websites.