Transfer Credit

Commonly Transferred Courses (Approved through 2018-2019)

From Western Technical College and other Wisconsin technical colleges with the same course number.
801195 Written Communication ENGL-103
804189 Intro Statistics MATH-130
803211 American History 1607-1865 HIST-111
803212 American History 1865-Pres HIST-112
804118 Intermediate Algebra MATH-111
804212 College Algebra MATH-112
804240 Basic Statistics MATH-130
806177 Gen Anat & Phys AND 806179 Adv Anat & Phys (must have both courses) BIOL-104/114
806207 Anat & Phys 1 BIOL-104
806208 Anat & Phys 2 BIOL-114
806115 Microbiology BIOL-296
809196 Intro to Sociology SOCL-125
809188 Developmental Psychology PSYC-220
809198 Intro to Psychology


From UW-La Crosse
CHM-103 General Chem I CHEM-120
CHM-104 General Chem II CHEM-121
CST-110 Communicating Effectively COMM-150
ENG-110 College Writing ENGL-103
MIC-230 Fundamentals of Microbiology BIOL-296
MTH-145 Elem Statistics MATH-130
PSY-212 Lifespan Development PSYC-220
SOC-110 The Social World SOCL-125


From Rochester Community and Technical College
BIOL-1217 A & P I BIOL-104
BIOL-1218 A & P II BIOL-114
BIOL-2021 General Microbiology BIOL-296
ENGL-1117 Reading & Writing I ENGL-103
ENGL-1118 Reading & Writing II ENGL-104
MATH-2208 Fund of Statistics MATH-130
PSYC-2618 General Psychology PSYC-171
SOC-1614 Intro to Sociology SOCL-125


Transfer Credit Policy (Undergraduate)

Credits for letter graded courses earned at regionally accredited institutions will transfer to Viterbo University. Courses in which a student has earned a grade of C or higher will be considered for transfer. A student may be required to repeat a transferred major or required support course where the grade requirement of the department or accrediting body is higher than a C. Individual schools or departments may also require that coursework in the major be current with academic and professional standards.

Courses of a remedial or pre-college nature will not be accepted for transfer, except when needed to meet other college-level course prerequisites.

Students enrolled at Viterbo University wishing to take a course at another institution, including study abroad, must obtain prior approval to insure the course will transfer to Viterbo University. The form for this approval is available in the registrar’s office and web page.

Students transferring to Viterbo University with an earned baccalaureate or associates degree from a regionally accredited college or university will have the Foundation requirements of the core curriculum waived (unless required by the students’ major as a program requirement). A student with earned baccalaureate, A. A., or A. S. degree from a regionally accredited college or university will also have the Ways of Thinking requirements of the core curriculum waived, except the theological inquiry, integrating faith and practice, and philosophical and moral inquiry requirements (unless required by the students’ major as a program requirement). The baccalaureate or associates degree must be completed and earned prior to enrollment at Viterbo University.

Students transferring to Viterbo University into the BSN completion program with a diploma from a three-year diploma nursing program will have the Foundation requirements of the core curriculum waived (unless required by the students’ major as a program requirement).

The Registrar's Office will perform a transfer credit audit as part of the annual report to ensure transfer credit policies and guidelines are being met.

Viterbo University has transfer student articulation agreements with numerous institutions.  A full list is available on the Transfer Student Admission web page.

Transfer Credit Policy (Graduate)

Viterbo’s graduate programs welcome applications from students attending, or having attended, other regionally accredited graduate programs. In cases where a specific agreement is held between Viterbo University and a non-regionally accredited institution for transfer between graduate programs, credit will be transferred according to the agreement. Transfer students will be considered for admission as long as they have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0/4.0, are free to return to their previous college or university, and are considered to be in good academic standing both at their previous school and at Viterbo University.

Transfer applicants shall follow admission requirements set forth above. Individual consideration will be granted in awarding transfer credits by the specific program. Transfer credits must have been completed within the time frame specified by the program. To be considered for transfer, the grade earned must be at least a B and fulfill program requirements. Only letter-graded coursework is accepted in transfer.

Students desiring to transfer credits must have an official transcript sent to Viterbo University's registrar after completing the graduate course. Courses will be evaluated for equivalency, and the director will provide written notification of transfer credit acceptance to the student. Students enrolled in a graduate program at Viterbo University desiring to take a course at another institution must obtain prior approval from the program director to ensure the course will be transferred into the program.

Graduate Program transfer policies relevant to specific programs can be found in the Graduate Catalog.