Spring Special Topics Course Descriptions
HIST-486 History of Capitalism, Consumerism (3 Cr.)
The growing income gap in American, the 2016 presidential contest, and the trade war between the US and China have all brought renewed focus on the role of capitalism and its effects at the local and global level. But how did we get here? How did modern capitalism develop? And what were earlier views of capitalism and how it was understood to function? This course seeks to answer these questions by providing a history of the social, economic, and political ramifications of western consumerism.
Beginning with an exploration of ancient Greek suspicions about the debilitating moral effects of rampant consumption, this course will examine the growth of consumerism in the West.  We will review early modern religious texts and addressed the ethical dangers inherent in a consumer society, consider those Enlightenment writers who argued there was actually great virtue in embracing commercialism, and investigate modern discussions of consumption and frugality.  Among the themes addressed are the role of commerce in the development of the ideas of civility and sociability; the relationship between free trade and empire; and the perceived threats to moral virtue posed by increasing prosperity. 
THTR-286/486  Advanced Makeup Studio (2 Cr.)
This advanced course offers students the opportunity to explore the techniques and materials used to create three dimensional prosthetic makeup pieces.  The process of designing, mold making, casting, applying and painting prosthetic makeup is the focus of this course.  Time is also devoted to the creation of simple ventilated hair pieces allowing students the opportunity to learn the skills needed for truly transformational makeup design.