Fall Special Topics Course Decriptions
RLST-486-001 Christianity and Economic Inequality - 3 cr.   Fall 2019 Cancelled.
In the face of the vast, increasing economic inequality, this seminar interrogates the role of religious institutions and individuals.  Do our religious institutions sustain or challenge economic inequality, and how?  This class will attempt to answer this question with a focus on three types of texts:  classical texts that shaped 20th Century U.S. Christian consciousness; contemporary works that analyze the effects of economic inequality on the social fabric; and texts that clarify the vital roles some contemporary religious movements are playing in supporting economic inequality.
SVLD-546-001 Power, Trust and Organizations - 3 cr.    Fall 2019
Robert Greenleaf understood that the primary task of a Servant Leader is to build an effective, ethical organizational culture and that the means to do this was through the intentional surrender of coercive power and the cultivation of trusting relationships.  This course will examine seminal writings on the nature of power and the trust spanning two thousand years, beginning with historical and philosophical writings by figures like Thucydides and Plato and ending with contemporary empirical studies in sociology and psychology.   The goal is to know how to create the conditions of ethical culture in our own organizations.
THTR-486-001 Production and Collaboration - 1 cr.    Fall 2019
This course is intended to be an exploration of rehearsing, producing, and mounting a theatrical production.  The course will examine all the areas of production and provide students with the necessary skillsets and techniques for successful collaboration.  The course utilizes materials preselected by the season selection committee and department faculty.