Fleet Vehicle Policy

Updated August 2018

Making fleet vehicle reservations

  • Reservations may be made by email only to dmpopp@viterbo.edu  and amconway@viterbo.edu, stating pickup date/time and return date/time and if van, car, or bus is needed.
  • Only employees are able to reserve fleet vehicles.

Fleet vehicle parking location

  • 727 Winnebago Street (Parking Lot K) located in back (west) of the physical plant building.

Picking up/returning vehicles

  • Fleet vehicles are picked up and returned to Parking Lot K.
  • Retrieve keys from 7 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday–Friday.
  • Return keys, gas cards, "Fleet Vehicle Charge Authorization" form, and any gas receipts to physical plant.
  • For after-hour returns, a drop box is located in the service door at the rear (west side) of the physical plant building.

Before leaving physical plant with fleet vehicle

  • Complete "Fleet Vehicle Charge Authorization," form including the general ledger account number.

Fleet vehicle maintenance requirements include:

  • The floor of the vehicle can contain minor dirt, but all garbage and personal belongings must be removed from the vehicle by the employee.
  • Vehicles should have a clean appearance at all times.


  • Three credit cards are provided in each vehicle for gasoline purchases only.
  • When the vehicle is returned by the employee to physical plant, the gasoline tank must be at least half full.

Fleet vehicle inspections by physical plant employees

  • Vehicle inspections (including fluid levels and safety kits) of fleet vehicles will be completed on a weekly basis.
  • Daily visual assessments (including safety kits) will also be made of return vehicles.
  • If physical plant determines that a safety kit is missing after an employee's use of a fleet vehicle, the employee's department budget will be charged for its replacement.
  • If a vehicle interior has stains or if the vehicle needs to be detailed, the cost of cleaning the vehicle will be billed to the employee's department budget.

Consequences for failure to follow fleet vehicle policy

  • For example: failure to maintain cleanliness of vehicle, complete "Fleet Vehicle Charge Authorization" form, return vehicle with minimum gasoline level, etc.
  • For an employee's first two violations, written notices will be provided to the employee.
  • For an employee's third violation, written notice will be provided to the employee and his/her supervisor.
  • If an employee has a fourth violation, the employee's fleet driving privileges will be revoked for a minimum of six months, with reinstatement considered upon employee request and Physical Plant review.