Online Teaching
teach online @ Viterbo University


Per Viterbo University Policy (see employee handbook), "The mission of online education at Viterbo University is to expand the availability of educational opportunities to students, whose access is limited by location or time constraints."

In order to provide high quality, accessible educational experiences that are responsive to student needs and carry out the University’s overall mission, all instructors who teach online and blended courses at Viterbo University must be qualified and approved to teach online. There are two ways to obtain approval to teach online at Viterbo University:

  1. Those new to online teaching must take the Online Teaching Best Practices Course. This is a two-week online course offered three times per year (August, December, and April) that focuses on using Moodle to teach an online course and effective pedagogy for teaching online.
  2. Experienced online instructors who do not complete the two-week online teaching course are required to complete the Faculty Application for Online Teaching before teaching online for the first time at Viterbo.

Those with online teaching experience but new to Viterbo’s online learning environment (Moodle) are asked to complete the Online Course Design Modules (self-paced and SEPARATE from online teaching course).

Instructors who teach online or blended courses may be evaluated by the Committee on Online Learning (COOL).

Instructors who teach partially-online courses may consider taking the Online-Enhanced Teaching Modules.

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