Credit and Program Information

Veteran-friendly Programming

The Viterbo adult and graduate studies programs are designed to meet the educational needs of veteran students while allowing the flexibility to re-enter the workforce. Courses are scheduled in a convenient, adult student model that provides the maximum educational experience with minimized on-campus requirements. This delivery structure allows veteran students to engage in full-time progression toward their degree while managing work, family, and community commitments.

Flexible Military Leave

If a student is suddenly called to active duty or otherwise temporarily relocated, our military leave of absence policy allows the student to immediately suspend their learning process without academic or financial penalty. Upon your return to Viterbo, the staff will work with you to get you reestablished in the completion of your degree program.

Transfer of Military Credit

Viterbo University accepts military transfer credit based upon the standards of the American Council on Education (ACE) for military training and previous college coursework.

Tuition Discounts

Viterbo University provides veterans and active duty military students the opportunity to enroll in certain programs at a reduced tuition rate. The reduced tuition rate is limited to students in the adult learning business administration degree programs in:

  • organizational management (online and evening classes)
  • accounting degree completion (online classes)

Credit by Examination

University participates in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Only the CLEP subject examinations are considered for college credit. Students are eligible to receive credit in the subject areas of biology, business, chemistry, composition, computer science, English literature, history, mathematics, psychology, and sociology, no matter when, where, or how their knowledge has been acquired. The examinations are administered three times per year to currently enrolled students and to incoming students who enroll the subsequent semester. There is a fee for each examination. Interested persons should contact the Academic Resource Center. A maximum of 45 credits in any combination may be accepted via ACE recommended courses, DANTES examinations, or the CLEP. Viterbo University reserves the right to make such determinations. More information on CLEP is available here.

Credit for Prior Learning

The credit for prior learning (portfolio) program is for students who feel they have significant college-relevant learning from lifetime/work experience applicable toward college credit. The portfolio process must be completed during a student’s first calendar year of enrollment. A limit of nine credits may be earned by portfolio for associate and master’s degree students and a maximum of 15 credits may be earned by portfolio for bachelor degree students. For more information regarding this program, contact your Viterbo University advisor.