Equipment Checkout

Small hand towels are provided in the Fitness Center and the Multi-Purpose Room for Group Fitness classes.

Bath Towel and Sports Equipment Checkout System

To checkout out towels (bath towels, not hand towels) or sports equipment:

  1. Users will provide their Noon-ball I.D. or Viterbo I.D. to the front desk worker - guests may use their Driver's License.
  2. The towel or equipment will be given to the user.
  3. The I.D. will be placed in a box with a paper-clipped tag indicating the item that was checked out.
  4. The user will return the item upon completion with the worker visually confirming the return. Towel bins will be located at the front desk.
  5. The I.D. will be returned to the user.
  6. Guest towels or equipment will be checked-out on the Mathy member’s I.D. card. Multiple tags can be placed on the same I.D.

Non-returned items will incur replacement costs per the following scale (which must be paid in order to return the I.D to the user):

  • Bath Towel $5
  • Basketball $30
  • Eye protection $10
  • Football $30
  • Racquetballs $2 each
  • Racquetball Racquet $25
  • Soccer ball $25
  • Tennis Racquet $30
  • Volleyball $30

Additional departmental equipment may be available for reservation upon request. Please contact the Department of Recreation and Leadership at to inquire about the equipment.