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Staff Directory

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Kim Olson-Kopp
608-796-3263,, Room 109

Education: B.A., M.F.A., M.L.S.
Partnership areas: Faculty Development, Gerontology, Mission Seminars, and Nursing (Undergraduate and Graduate), Philosophy, Religious Studies
Research interests: Instruction, information literacy, and virtual reference services

Kim Olson-Kopp

Debra Alexander-Friet
Assistant Director, Reference Coordinator, and Cataloging Services Librarian
608-796-3265,, Room 111

Education: B.S.B.A. and M.L.I.S.
Partnership: Criminal Justice, Business, Health Care and Wellness Management, Reference, Sociology, Sustainability (Management), Women's Studies

Lisa Christie
Reference Librarian
608-796-3268,, Reference Desk/Room 128

Education: B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S
Partnership areas: Career Services, Children's Literature, Recreational Reading

Vicke Denniston
Instructional Support and Design Specialist
608-796-3867,, Room 240

Education: B.S.

Vicke Denniston

Hannah Herrera
Information Services Assistant
608-796-3271,, Main Desk

Education: B.A.

Caitlyn Konze
Information Services Manager
608-796-3267,, Room 108

Education: B.A.
Research Interests: Creative writing, theology, mythology, and games

Caitlyn Konze

Lauren Klitzke
Evening Services Supervisor
608-796-3277,, Main Desk

Education: A.A.S., B.S.
Research Interests: Holistic health practices, philosophy and ethics, and comparative and world religions

Cari Mathwig Ramseier
Instructional Designer
608-796-3868,, Room 246

Education: B.S., M.A.
Research Interests: The role of motivation in learning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), online and blended instruction, and effective and efficient use of technology in instruction

Cari Mathwig Ramseier

Mark Seitz
Instructional Support Assistant
608-796-3276,, Room 244 (Media Production Suite)

Education: B.S., M.S.

Polly Scott
Communications and Resources Librarian
608-796-3266,, Room 110

Education: B.S., M.L.S.
Partnership areas: Ethics, Mental Health Counseling, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychology, Servant Leadership, Social Work, Substance Abuse Counseling

Polly Scott

Jason Skoog
Archives and Systems Librarian
608-796-3262,, Room 128

Education: B.F.A., M.L.I.S.
Partnership areas: Art, Creative Media Design, Curriculum, Dance, Education, Latin American Studies, Music, Music Theatre, Special Education, Sport Management and Leadership, Theatre
Research interests: Archives, digital preservation, integrated library systems, web design, graphic design, and open journal systems

Jason Skoog