You are encouraged to make connections with students from other cultures, from the U.S., and from other countries. This will add to your learning and, for those whose first language is not English, improve your English speaking and understanding. Get to know your neighbors living on campus and students in classes. An on-campus job can lead to connections with students and staff members. Join a club or student organization,  whether it is related to your major or for social purposes.

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Campus Policies

It is important to be aware of and obey campus policies. You will receive a printed copy of the Viterbo student handbook, and policies may be found at  HERE.

Two important policies that apply to everyone are the alcohol policy and the smoking policy.

Alcohol Policy: In the U.S. individuals must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol. On campus, alcohol is allowed:

  • at on-campus functions sanctioned by the President’s Office, normally taking place in the Fine Arts Center or the Reinhart Center.
  • in on-campus apartments when all residents of the apartment are 21 years of age or older.

Smoking Policy: Smoking and use of e-cigarettes are not allowed anywhere on campus.

United Nations of Viterbo

United Nations of Viterbo is a student organization formed to promote and encourage an exchange of culture throughout the nations by providing opportunities for friendship, understanding, education, and the social interests of members. U.S. and international students are invited to participate. 

United Nations of Viterbo Facebook Page

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Culture Saturdays

Culture Saturdays are day trips to sites within 2.5 hours of La Crosse that are sponsored by the International Student Services Office. Participation is open to international students and members of United Nations of Viterbo. These trips provide opportunities to learn about the local area and to interact with students from other backgrounds. Previous trips have included Wisconsin Dells; the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison; the Amish Tour in Lanesboro, Minn.; Old-fashioned Christmas at Norskedalen, near Coon Valley, Wis.; the National Eagle Center at Wabasha, Minn.; and the House on the Rock.

VU Today

Find out about educational opportunities, social events, and the latest campus news by reading VU Today every Monday through Friday while classes are in session. VU Today is also sent to your campus email each day.

Campus Safety and Security

A campus safety and security officer may be reached 24 hours a day at 608-796-3911.

Counseling Services

A counselor is available for someone to talk to for short-term counseling or referral to a longer-term counselor in the Student Development Center. Schedule an appointment on the counseling services webpage or at 608-796-3825.