International Student Services
International Students walking on campus


International Student Services provides services to international students, including help with adjusting to the United States and college life, and understanding and compliance with federal immigration regulations. The office also coordinates special activities for international students only, and for creating interactions among international and U.S. students.

Here is contact information for various services:  

Kenneth Felts
+1 608-796-3171
Murphy Center, Room 226

Advising (undergraduates) 
Center for Student Success
+1 608-796-3084
Murphy Center, Room 337

English language/ESL
Jane Eddy
+1 608-796-3194
Murphy Center, Room 332

Kevin Ganther
+1 608-796-3855
Murphy Center, Room 214

Health Insurance
Sue Danielson
+1 608-796-3806
Student Development Center, Room 3

Student Programs
+1 608-796-3844
Marian Hall South/Hawk's Nest

Brian Pilsner
+1 608-796-3843
Marian Hall South/Hawk's Next, Room 106B