Field Education

In this agency-based practicum students practice with the knowledge, values, and skills developed throughout the social work curricula. Students engage in a structured, individualized, educational experience in a community agency setting. Viterbo University faculty liaisons, agency instructors and students collaborate to facilitate the transition from classroom to generalist social work practice. During the semester student provide social work services 30 hours per week, for a minimum of 450 hours, in an agency setting approved by the Viterbo University social work field director. A learning contract describes the EPAS Core Competencies and corresponding behaviors that the students will learn and demonstrate in their agency practicum. Prerequisite: admission to social work field education, 366 or PSYC 340, MATH 130 or PSYC 223 or SOCL 223. Must be taken concurrently with 482. Graded CR/NC.