Composition and Literature

ENGL 104, the second of two required composition courses in Viterbo University s general education curriculum, is a topic-based writing course. Instructors determine a topical focus for their 104 sections-topics might include the environment, immigration, health care, gender, or poverty. Within that topical framework, ENGL 104 introduces students to the conventions of literary genres such as fiction, poetry, drama, and literary non-fiction. Supplemental texts may be drawn from journalism, the humanities, film, and the arts and sciences. By examining literature within a wider social context, students see the relationship between art and culture, while gaining an introduction to literary studies. ENGL 104 extends the focus on argumentation, research, and the writing process established in ENGL 103. The course culminates in a research project. Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in 103. WCI, IL