Composition and the Elements of Argument

In this introduction to college writing, students travel a trajectory from expressive personal writing to purposeful argumentation. Students learn to use personal experience to engage readers and support limited claims, while also learning to read closely in order to summarize, analyze, and respond to written texts. Students gain instruction in research methods and strategies of argumentation, as well as essentials of argumentative writing such as thesis, evidence, organization, and sentence-level effectiveness. By the end of the semester students will be able to write thesis-driven arguments that integrate their own experience with sources that represent multiple perspectives on an issue. Students are introduced to research, using the Internet and the Viterbo University library. Grade of C required to pass the course. Prerequisite to all other English courses. ACT verbal score of 18-23 required. Students with a score lower than 18 should enroll in ENGL 103 with workshop. WCI, IL