• Letter folding and letter folding with envelope insertion is available by request.

  • Mark all outgoing letters and packages with department name or budget number.

  • KEEP FLAPS OF UNSEALED ENVELOPES CLOSED. (The new postage meter will open the flap before sealing.)

  •  All letters and packages must be marked with the department or budget number for charge back purposes.
  •  Letters should be sorted by in-house, domestic, and international destinations before depositing in the Mail Room.
  • Do not wrap packages with string or in paper. (If you need to wrap packages in paper, also write the address on the inside box, in case the paper tears.)

Standard (Bulk) Mail Preparation

  • Minimum of 200 identical letters or postcards (maximum postcard size is 4.25"x 6.125" anything larger will by posted at the letter rate).
  • Minimum 50 pounds for flat pieces.
  • All pieces must be in zip code order lowest to highest.
  • All pieces must have an ancillary endorsement or pre-printed permit imprinted on the card, envelope, or flat.
  • USPS requires all standard mailing lists to be verified, within 95 days of a mailing, so all mailing lists must have the addresses verified before printing labels or envelopes. Contact Mary Mormann at mbmormann@viterbo.edu to have your mailing list verified.  (This will cut down on the non-deliverable mail, which is sometimes returned for a fee.)

Mail Tracking