Finishing Services

The Copy Center provides several finishing services to give your presentation or project a professional look.

  • Air Suction Folder features anti-static technology to handle various digital print types, automatically detects five of the most popular paper sizes, comes with six preset fold positions, and up to 20 custom fold positions. 
  • Slitter/Creaser features a multitude of full-bleed applications with up to 8 slits, 25 cuts, and 20 creases in a single pass, to eliminate white borders and prevent toner cracking on the fold lines. 
  • Booklet Maker automatically folds up to 25 sheets of paper in half, and place two staples in the crease when attached to the production MFD or manually fed for same result.
  • Folder Inserter folds multiple letters or forms together, and inserts them into an envelope. It will also insert up to two additional items (post card, brochure, or reply envelope) into an envelope at the same time.
  • Laminator will preserve documents from 12- to 42-inches wide.
  • Adhesive signs can be adhered to to foamcore.
  • Bind reports or final papers by spiral comb or velo binding.
  • Other two- to three-hole punch, PDF combination software, sending and receiving faxes via local, long distance and international numbers.