Tips for College Student Success

Attend Classes

  • Class attendance correlates with your grade in class—you must be present to learn.

Be Prepared

  • Read all course materials.
  • Complete and submit assignments on time.
  • Prepare and study for exams in advance.

Use Your Syllabus

  • Look for assignments and due dates.
  • Find your faculty contact information.

Get Involved

  • Attend campus events, join clubs, attend service trips or find other ways to be involved.

Being a Full-Time Student is a Full-Time Job

  • For every hour in class you should spend two hours outside of class for study.

Get Organized

  • Use a planner and fill in with assignment due dates from your course syllabus. 
  • Check out the Academic Resource Center website for time management tips.

Get to Know Your Professors and Academic Advisor

  • Professors can help with class material and test preparation.
  • Advisors can assist with career plans and serve as potential references.

Use Your Resources

Stay Healthy

  • Eat well.
  • Get plenty of rest and exercise.

You are Your Own Best Advocate—Ask for Help!

  • Contact the Center for Student Success for assistance by calling 608-796-3084; emailing; or use the chatbox in the Center for Student Success tab on the left.