Starfish Early Alert Student Information

What is Starfish Early Alert?

Early Alert is designed to identify students who are doing exemplary work in a course as well as students who are having academic difficulty. Starfish is the early alert software system Viterbo has implemented to support the early alert process and is accessible through Moodle. Once an alert is received, an email is sent to the student and/or the student's academic advisor will contact the student and discuss resources for success.

Students can benefit from Starfish by:

  • getting early and individualized feedback and contact from concerned members on campus
  • receiving Starfish notifications in a variety of convenient methods, including email, text, and Facebook messages
  • becoming motivated as a result of receiving positive, encouraging messages from instructors and other individuals on campus
Why did I get a "kudos"?

Students receive a "kudos" through the Starfish Early Alert system if they are doing exemplary work in a course. 

Why did I get a referral?

An employee at Viterbo University noticed you might benefit from academic assistance and submitted an online referral to the Early Alert Leadership Team. The reason for the referral may have been one or more of the following:

  • performance not at course level
  • struggles to keep pace with the class
  • excessive absences, tardiness to class
  • not performing well on tests
  • poor attitude and/or disruptive classroom behavior
  • low or no classroom engagement (sleeping in class, talking, texting, etc.)
  • pattern of late or missed assignments
  • personal/health/social concerns affecting academic performance
Does a referral mean I am failing a class?

Receiving a referral does not necessarily mean you are failing a class. You may have been referred for a number of reasons.

Is an Early Alert put on my permanent academic record?

No. Referrals are part of the Early Alert system and are not part of your permanent record.

What should I do if I am contacted about an Early Alert?

First of all, remember, you are not "in trouble." We are here to help you be successful in your educational experience. If you are contacted with an alert, please respond as quickly as possible.