Student Leadership Awards

Nominations for Student Leadership Awards must be submitted by Monday, March 4, 2019. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of student affairs professionals; however, awards will only be given if the committee feels there are deserving nominee(s). Awards will be presented at the annual Student Leader Recognition Ceremony on Monday, April 8, 2019. Click on the award name below to complete the nomination form. Contact Jacob Hart, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, at with questions.

Award Descriptions and Nomination Form Links

Outstanding Student Leader Award

The Outstanding Student Leader Award is presented to three to five senior students who have exhibited continuous exemplary leadership, served as well-respected role models, and have persistently demonstrated a strong commitment to campus life, community service and/or charitable organizations. Nominator's: Keep in mind that student winners are chosen based on this rubric .

Involved Faculty Member Award

The Involved Faculty Member Award is presented annually to a faculty member to recognize their contributions to students and the university through the development of and participation in Viterbo extra-curricular activities. Selection criteria include exemplary service to Viterbo student organizations and/or developing programs or coordinating functions designed to enhance campus life. 

St. Catherine's Medal

The St. Catherine's Medal honors students who represent the high ideals of a Catholic college education, including but not limited to Viterbo University's core values of contemplation, hospitality, integrity, stewardship, and service.

Student Organization Member of the Year Award

The Student Organization Member of the Year Award is presented to an Outstanding Student Organization Member. The student selected will have made significant contributions in advancing the registered Viterbo student organization of which she or he is a member.

Student Organization Project of the Year Award

The Student Organization Project of the Year Award is given to recognize a project completed by a registered Viterbo student organization in good standing. The program or project awarded will be one of significant impact on campus life, student involvement or the community. 

Student Service Award

Viterbo students are eligible for the Viterbo University Student Service Award in recognition of servant leader qualities and characteristics throughout their relationships, academics, and commitment to serving others. The award is given annually to a maximum of two students preparing to finish their time as students at Viterbo University. Students nominated must be currently enrolled and in good standing.  Nominations for the recipient may come from students, faculty, or staff.  Self-nominations do not qualify. The award given to an undergraduate student who has made an extraordinary, significant, and demonstrated contribution to the betterment of society through research, academic pursuits, and/or involvement-initiated service. Community-identified needs, a connection to Viterbo University and our values, and the impact of growth/learning are factored into the evaluation criteria.