Writing Assistance - Graduate

What is it?

  • Lindsay Cummings, the Graduate Writing Specialist, can provide writing assistance for graduate students for any paper (e.g., literature review, thesis, capstone paper, seminar paper, annotated bibliography).
  • The writing specialist will offer help at any stage of the writing process and answer questions about formatting in APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago Style.
  • The specialist DOES NOT proofread papers. Rather, she models correct writing practices.
  • Comments are restricted to structure, coherence, grammar, punctuation, and usage.  The writing specialist does not provide feedback concerning subject content.

Online Graduate Writing Assistance

  • Students can submit papers using this Form for Graduate Writing Assistance
  • Students should list any concerns and/or identify specific areas of the paper they would like reviewed.
  • Students will receive an email confirming that the paper has been received and providing an approximate turnaround time for the paper. The specialist will typically return papers via email within two days.
  • PAPER VOLUME: If the volume of requests is high, the turnaround time for a paper may exceed two days. Students should allow for plenty of time when submitting papers due to the potential for high demand.
  • PAPER LENGTH: Papers longer than 20 pages may take up to a week to review. Please plan accordingly.
  • RESUBMISSIONS: Resubmitted papers should show sufficient revisions and should reflect the feedback received from the specialist on the first draft. If the changes are not sufficient, the specialist will send the paper back encouraging that the necessary changes be made.
  • PLAGIARISM: If the specialist encounters material in a student’s paper that has been plagiarized, the specialist will stop reviewing the paper and send it back to the student (and CC: ARC Director Jane Eddy) with an explanation of the issue.  

Online and Face-to-Face Assistance

  • Graduate writing assistance is primarily conducted online, but face-to-face appointments can be arranged upon request.
  • Students should indicate on the graduate writing form that they are requesting face-to-face assistance. The specialist will arrange a date, time, and place for the appointment within three days of receiving the request.
  • Specific questions about graduate writing assistance may be emailed to Lindsay Cummings at gradwriting@viterbo.edu

Helpful Resources

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For MLA and Chicago Style resources, visit the Undergraduate Writing Assistance page.

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