Promotion and Tenure


  • Andrew Hamilton (elected 2019)
  • David Bauer (elected 2018)
  • Matthew Bersagel-Braley (Co-Chair, elected 2017)
  • Matthew Campbell (elected 2019)
  • Rochelle Brooks (elected 2018)
  • Sheldon Lee (elected 2014)
  • Silvana Richardson (Co-Chair, elected 2017)

Review Deadlines

Type of Review

Candidate’s Moodle Portfolio due to Dean; Chair/Director letters and other supporting letters due to Dean

Dean forwards Dean’s letter and all supporting letters (.pdf) to VPAA and Candidate

Moodle Portfolio complete – all letters uploaded

Promotion Review

Monday of Spring Inservice

January 25th

February 1st

Tenure Review
(typically sixth year)

August 1st

Monday before Fall Inservice

Monday of Fall Inservice

Second Pre-Tenure review
(typically fifth year)

First Tuesday in September

Third Monday in September

Last Monday in September

First Pre-Tenure Review (typically third year)

Monday of Spring Inservice

First Monday in February

Second Monday in February


Promotion & Tenure Process and Criteria

Resources and Tools

Click the link above for SharePoint access to promotion and tenure forms, templates, example documents, and Boyer's Scholarship resources.

Post-Tenure Review

Click the link above for SharePoint access to the post-tenure review process and forms.