Mission, Identity, Values, and Vision

Viterbo University Strategic Plan 2015–2020
Values and Value

Approved by the Board of Trustees, January 26, 2015


The Viterbo University community prepares students for faithful service and ethical leadership.

Identity Statement

Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Viterbo is a Catholic, Franciscan University in the liberal arts tradition.

Core Values

In keeping with the tradition of our Franciscan founders, we hold the following core values:

  • Contemplation, reflecting upon the presence of God in our lives and work
  • Hospitality, welcoming everyone we encounter as an honored guest
  • Integrity, striving for honesty in everything we say and do
  • Stewardship, practicing responsible use of all resources in our trust
  • Service, working for the common good in the spirit of humility and joy

Leading with its strengths, the university will focus its energies and resources to achieve academic distinction in selected programs, to continue efforts to improve facilities, to strengthen and steward its financial resources, to grow undergraduate and graduate enrollments, and to ensure that each program and service strives for excellence and supports student success, all within the context of Viterbo’s mission and Catholic, Franciscan identity.

The university will strive constantly to model servant leadership practices. Governing bodies at all levels will exemplify best practices in academic governance; decision making will emphasize collegiality, accountability, and transparency.

The university’s leadership and initiatives will positively impact the city, county, and state through its focus on ethical leadership and management. Viterbo is an anchor institution within La Crosse, and is widely recognized as a valued partner and collaborator by leaders in the community. The quality of the campus neighborhood will be enriched, safer, and stronger.

By graduating more nurses with advanced skills and Christian compassion, the university will better serve healthcare providers and patients. By graduating more teachers committed to the full potential and dignity of every child, and by providing advanced certifications and licensures for professional educators, the teaching and learning environments will improve in our schools. Business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations will thrive under the leadership of more graduates prepared to lead as servant leaders. By graduating more students in Viterbo’s exceptional programs in the fine arts, sciences, business, and other disciplines, communities, employers, and families will benefit further from the presence of Viterbo alumni. In addition, more Viterbo undergraduates will be accepted into prestigious graduate programs, bringing with them a dedication to stewardship and responsibility in the practice of their disciplines.

Franciscan hospitality will be a hallmark of Viterbo’s identity. We will strengthen the programs that support the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and create unique learning and service opportunities that bring greater awareness to the Franciscan intellectual tradition. As the only Catholic university in the Diocese of La Crosse, Viterbo will extend its resources to serve better the diocese, its Catholic schools, Catholic healthcare, Catholic charities, and people of all faiths.

The university will make significant strides integrating academic and student life. The portfolio of Viterbo graduates will reflect students prepared for faithful service and ethical leadership in a diverse and global community. Innovative programs and services will add value to and enhance the Viterbo experience for all students by such means as increasing global experiences, providing paid internships for students, and by supporting a robust undergraduate and graduate research agenda.

The university will provide ubiquitous access to information technology, accommodating mobile devices and many technology platforms. Classrooms, laboratories, and library spaces will invite conversation, teamwork, and the exchange of ideas and will be equipped with technology that best supports learning outcomes. Active learning strategies will be emphasized by faculty in all programs. Viterbo students, faculty, administrators, and staff are well prepared to utilize technology efficiently, effectively, and ethically.

Measures of sound financial strength will be evident in all financial ratios. Balance sheets will continue to reflect solid yet conservative financial management. Protocols and financial principles guide allocations and investments as the university continues to be an outstanding steward of its financial resources. The human resources of the university are its most treasured assets; as such, compensation and benefits will be very competitive and enable the university to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff.

Institutional Priorities
  1. Assuring and Advancing Viterbo’s Franciscan Identity
  2. Offering Distinctive and Innovative Programs
  3. Supporting and Enhancing Student Experiences
  4. Enriching and Engaging the Community