Spring 2020 Courses


Open to all majors

South Africa, May 2020 (VUSM 305) 

Learn what South Africa can teach the world about the power of religiously inspired social movements not only to imagine but also to bring into being a more just and compassionate world. Click here to learn more

South Africa Study Abroad



Costa Rica, Spring Break 2020 (BIOL 303)

Experience the biodiversity and ecology of Costa Rica through an introduction to animals, plants, and the ecosystems of new world tropics. Click here to learn more

Study Abroad CostaRica



Open to Nursing students

Belize, March/April 2020 (NURS 482)

Gain a greater understanding of healthcare in culturally diverse populations through the direct delivery of healthcare services to under-served populations with limited resources in Belize. Click here to learn more

Belize Study Abroad Photo



Alaska, March/April 2020 (NURS 482)

Step into the culture of native Alaska to experience the rewards and challenges of providing healthcare in a remote community. Click here to learn more.

Alaska study Abroad



Guatemala, February 14-23, 2020 

Provide basic health care in rural areas of Guatemala to provide relief of suffering and improved health to those who otherwise would go unserved. Click here to learn more


Study Abroad Guatemala



If you have an interest in studying in a certain location, feel free to speak with your professors about how they might integrate their course material with a short term trip!