Matthew Bersagel Braley
Bersagel Braley
Associate Professor
Director, Honors Program
Ethics, Culture, and Society
MRC 523


Prior to coming to Viterbo, Bersagel Braley completed a B.A. in Africana Studies and English at Luther College, a master’s degree in religion and theology from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, and a Ph.D. in Religion (Ethics and Society) and a Certificate in Human Rights from Emory University. His earlier research focused on the intersection of theology, religion and global health in the primary health care movement and the response to the global AIDS pandemic. He continues this work through his membership in the International Religious Health Assets Program, a network of scholars and practitioners employing assets-based development approaches to understand the contribution of religion in health care.

He has been active locally in public health conversations as part of the Health Sciences Consortium Population Health Committee and as a member of the annual health summit planning team. This past year he was invited to be a fellow with the Leading Causes of Life Initiative, an international collaboration of scholars and practitioners committed to organizing our institutions and communities around that which promotes human flourishing.

In addition to his work in health, he served as executive director of Southern Truth and Reconciliation, a university-community partnership highlighting reconciliation practices of communities confronting legacies of racial violence. From 2010-2017, he served as a faculty member and administrator for Viterbo’s Master of Arts in Servant Leadership program.

He teaches both undergraduate and graduate seminars that invite students to reflect on what is theirs to do in responding to the pressing social issues of our time – from global health and interreligious conflict to economic inequality and political polarization. In mission seminars focused on revitalizing neighborhoods here in the Coulee Region and in study abroad courses that emphasize solidarity with our global neighbors in Africa and the Caribbean, he is passionate about getting students out of the classroom and into the community to serve and learn with persons and populations whose voices are too easily and too often ignored.

Bersagel Braley’s fellowship research, “Creative Engagement in an Imperfect World: A Socio-Theological Exploration of Participation” explores the nature of participation: What does meaningful participation entail? What do the formative institutions that support participation look like?  Which features of twenty-first-century life together restrict our capacity to participate? Which features expand our “repertoire of capacities” for participation?

Publications, Presentations, and Performances
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Presentations Related to Current Research

  • "Health Care from the Outside In and the Inside Out: The Transformative Potential of a Franciscan Nursing Education," paper with Julie Meyers, MSN, Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities, June 2018
  • "Recovering Our Senses of the Divine: Piety and Practice among the Modern Priesthood of All Healers," paper, Global Health Catalyst Summit, Harvard Medical School, April 2017
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