Sociology (Minor)

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Health and Human Services
Degree Level
College of Nursing, Health, and Human Behavior

The Sociology minor is designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration for students majoring in another field. Students find sociology to be a highly flexible and applicable minor to pair with their major field of study in order to investigate theoretical ideas and social relations within institutions and organizations that exist in society. The sociology minor will encourage students to better understand the social relationships we participate in everyday, while also driving students to learn more about the intricacies of sociology as it relates to their major.


Students may include up to three credits of 149, 249, 349, or 487. A minimum of 12 credits may not be credits used to fulfill a student's major.

    SOCL 125, 12 credits of SOCL, at least six credits at the 300 level or above. Up to three credits of SOCL-149, 249, 349, or 487 may be used. Eight credits must be unique to the minor.
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOCL-125)