Freshman Admissions Requirements

Academic Criteria

Successful applicants typically submit high school records with a minimum of 16 units of credit that include:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of mathematics
  • Three units of natural science (chemistry is required for all nursing, dietetics, social work, natural science, and other allied health pre-professional students)
  • Three units of social science or history
  • Three units of elective credits (elective credits are chosen from the above college prep area or from the following: foreign language, fine arts, computer science, or other academic areas)

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes count towards these requirements. See Viterbo's alternative credit policy and equivalencies.

Admission Criteria

Viterbo is seeking to admit students who rank in the top half of the academic performance range as measured by standardized assessments and class rank. A university entrance assessment score report (ACT or SAT) is required. When a student seeks admission with one or more of the measured assessments (rank, ACT, or SAT) that is not in the top half of the peer grouping for that student, the director of admission may refer that student to the admission committee for further review and consideration. Students with a strong college-prep background are considered well prepared if they have been able to maintain the grade average that their school recommends for the college bound.

  • Prospective music majors and minors are required to complete an audition for department faculty.
  • Prospective theatre and music theatre majors are required to complete an audition for department faculty.