Finding Success

Viterbo graduates are finding success in all walks of life, thanks in part to the exceptional education they received at Viterbo University. Equipped with a Viterbo degree, thousands of graduates are enjoying the benefits of outstanding careers in their respective fields.

The university is proud of its heritage and the distinctive education it provides. Many Viterbo students including those profiled, cite the rich interaction with caring faculty, opportunities that internships provide, and the special emphasis Viterbo places on service and leadership.

Enjoy reading the profiles of several who share their stories here. They symbolize the “Face of Viterbo,” sharing their unique Viterbo experience.

“A Viterbo Face…An Exceptional Place” takes on special meaning at Viterbo University where every individual matters, and every graduate leaves with the potential to make a difference.

Boehler, Matt

Matt Boehler's Story

Daniels, Justin

Justin Daniels' Story

Drexler, Jenny

Jenny Drexler's Story

Dimitar Dzikov's Story
Fawver, Rachel

Rachel Fawver's Story

Lease, Keith

Keith Lease's Story

Loeffler, Brian

Brian Loeffler's Story


Christopher Narloch’s Story

Patel, Kartick

Kartick Patel's Story

Peterson, Luke

Luke Peterson's Story


Arbender Robinson's Story

Rose, Emily

Emily Rose's Story

Schultz, Stephanie

Stephanie Schultz's Story

Sheski, John

John Sheski's Story

Skinner, Nicki

Nicki Skinner's Story

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