Emergency/Concerning Behavior
When someone we care about is distressed it is hard to know what to do. As a community we can help each other find the resources and help to address the concern at hand.

"I am seeing some behavior changes in a student/friend and I am not sure if I should report it, what can I do to help?"

  • Sometimes the littlest gesture can show that you care and want to help.  From a simple question, "Are you okay?" to offering to take them to someone to talk to, "I know someone in Counseling Services who could help you.  Would you like to walk over there with me?"  If you feel uncomfortable doing this, find someone who is.  Below you will find a resource on how to identify a distressed student and determine whether professional help is necessary.  If you are afraid for their or someone else's life please contact Campus Safety at x3911 (on-campus) or 608-780-1582 (off-campus).  
  • Viterbo University's Reference to Assist Students in Distress
  • You can also complete the Worrisome/Concerning Behavior Report.  This report is directed to the Director of Counseling Services who will work on providing support and connecting resources on campus to insure the concerned student receives the assistance they need to be successful here at Viterbo University.
  • You can also go to Viterbo Speaks Up to report crimes, worrisome behaviors, harassment, sexual violence or assault, hate/bias discrimination, violations of the Viterbo University Student Code of Conduct, and other issues and concerns.

"My friend or my student has been overheard making suicidal statements and I am concerned of what they might do.  What can I do to help?"

  • If you have reason to believe that there is a possibility of a friend or student trying to take their life call 911 and Campus Safety at x3911 (on-campus) or 608-780-1582 (off-campus) IMMEDIATELY!  Safety for all students is a priority here at Viterbo University.  All faculty, staff, administration, residence assistance, and peer advisors are encouraged to contact the Director of Counseling Services at ext. 3808, Campus Safety at ext. 3911 (on-campus) or 608-780-1582 (off-campus), Director of Student Life at ext. 3840 and/or the Vice President of Student Affairs ext. 3801 if information about suicidal threats or concerns are brought to your attention.  Viterbo University has a policy and procedure in place for suicide attempts.  

  • Procedure Following a Suicide Attempt
  • You can also complete the  Worrisome/Concerning Behavior Report.

"My son, daughter or I have been recently hospitalized following a suicide attempt or an emotional crisis.  What do I/we do next?"

  • At Viterbo University we work on making every effort to accommodate a student who has been recently hospitalized.  Below you will find the policy for returning to campus following a hospitalization due to suicide attempt and/or emotional distress.  You will also need the Return to Campus Form completed by the hospital where hospitalization occurred or current provider working with the returning student.  If there are questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Director of Counseling Services at (608)796-3808 or the Vice President of Student Affairs at (608)796-3801.
  • Procedure following Hospitalization

After Hours Resources

  • Campus Safety and Security: ext. 3911 (on campus) or 608-780-1582 (off campus)
  • Lifeline: Text "Listen" to 741741 or
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Life threatening emergency: 911
  • Great Rivers 24-hour helpline: 211 (land line or campus phone) or 800-362-8255 (cell or land line).  This is a free, confidential help-line for community information, referrals, and crises services 24 hours a day
  • Mobile Crisis: 608-784-4357
  • Gundersen Healthcare System: 608-782-7300 or 800-362-9567
  • Mayo Healthcare System: 608-785-0940 or 800-362-5454