Faculty and Staff Information for Commencement

Faculty and Staff Participation in Commencement

All faculty, administration, and staff are welcome to participate in the winter and spring commencement ceremonies.  Administration and staff who are not a part of the stage party, must have a ticket to attend the December ceremony.  Announcements will be made via email and VU  Today when tickets can be picked up.

The same tips that apply to graduates wearing caps and gowns also apply to wearing academic regalia. Gowns should be pressed and worn with dark slacks or hosiery and dark shoes. Caps should be worn level, and no jewelry or other adornments should be worn with the gowns.
 The deadline for renting regalia is March 1. To order regalia, click here.

Faculty, Administrative, and Staff Diploma Presentation Policy

The commencement committee, on behalf of Viterbo University, will offer to any faculty, administrator, or staff member, the opportunity to present a spouse or child his or her diploma cover during the commencement ceremony, under the following conditions:

  • The faculty, administrator, or staff member must self-disclose the desire to present the diploma cover by the deadline date set by the commencement committee. An announcement will be made in VU Today.
  • The faculty, administrator, or staff member will be a part of the stage part on commencement day.
  • A cap and gown must be worn and the faculty, administrator, or staff member and s/he is responsible for arranging for his or her own regalia.

The deadline for renting regalia and notifying the committee of the intent to present a diploma is March 1. Contact the Bookstore directly for regalia rental and Kori Salaski, kfsalaski@viterbo.edu to notify of the intent.