Placement Test Info and Registration Preparation

Placement Test Information and Registration Preparation

Placement into fall courses is based off of the student's ACT/SAT subject scores.  A Spanish Placement Test is required for students who plan enroll in a Spanish course at Viterbo University. 

If you haven’t already, please request an official score report from

Spanish Placement Test 

Students may take the Spanish Placement Test beginning May 1 and after STAR registration is confirmed.  Students will receive a username and password in their STAR email confirmation to access the test on Moodle.  The test must be completed 10 days prior to the student's STAR date.

Students who have studied Spanish in high school are encouraged to take the Spanish Placement Test.  These students may earn from 3 to 12 retroactive credits pending the outcome of the Placement Test and earning a grade of C or better in the first university Spanish course above the 101 level.

Students who have successfully completed a college Spanish course (with a grade of C or better) do not need to take the Spanish Placement Test; however, a transcript from the college where Spanish credit was earned MUST be submitted to Viterbo University. 

Preparing to Register

Students will be meeting with an advisor to plan and register for their classes. Students will be registering online using Student Planning in the VitNet system and the following documents may help. 

Please come prepared to log into your VitNet account using your Viterbo username and password. You can access your account information at  

Already earned college credit?

Any student who has earned credit via one of the below programs is reminded that they must provide test scores or course reports/transcript to receive credit at Viterbo.  Students are also advised to inform their Viterbo advisor of those courses at the time of registration.

  • College Board/AP Exams: 
  • International Baccalaureate: 
  • Early College Credit Program (ECCP) or other Dual Credit Programs: Arrange with the university you attended to have your transcript sent to Viterbo University by June 1, 2019.

Miscellaneous Information

Housing Deposits: To ensure a housing assignment in a residence hall, students need to submit the housing contract with a $100 down payment.

Tuition Deposits: Tuition deposits of $100 are required for registration. Deposits are refundable until May 1.

Tuition and Housing deposits can be paid online at

Students with Special Needs: If you are a student with professionally diagnosed special needs, please contact Jane Eddy, 608-796-3194 with your request for the type of accommodations you may need during registration and the academic year.