Writing Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions

Who may receive writing assistance in the ARC? Writing assistance is available to any enrolled graduate or undergraduate Viterbo student at no charge.

How do I make an appointment? The fastest way to make an appointment for Undergraduate Writing Assistance is to book online through Genbook, which can be accessed 24/7.  Students may also stop in to the ARC (Murphy Center 332) to make an appointment. Appointments should be made several days in advance, and at certain times of the year, appointments may be limited due to high demand.

Graduate writing appointments are setup differently. Please visit the Graduate Writing Assistance page for that procedure.

What happens in a face-to-face tutoring session? Specialists are not the instructor for a course in which the student is writing a paper.  Specialists provide a guided learning experience by: addressing student concerns, assisting in the writing process, and encouraging confidence in future writing.

What happens in an online tutoring session? For details, please visit: Online Resources and Services and look for Undergraduate Writing Assistance.

Can I just email my paper? Unless students live more than 25 miles away or work full time, all appointments are face-to-face. 

How “finished” does my paper have to be? Writing specialists will work with students at any stage of the writing process: brainstorming a topic, creating an effective thesis statement, organizing thoughts, or polishing a final draft.

Can I have my paper proofread? Specialists do not proofread papers. They model correct writing practices.  Students are encouraged to review the specialists’ comments and implement changes.

How many appointments may I make in one day? In one week? Students are limited to one hour per day. Genbook allows 30-minute appointments.  Students may schedule two 30-minute appointments in a day. No more than two hours may be used in a given week. 

Why is there a limit on the number of appointments in a day or week? The purpose of a writing session is to provide a guided learning experience.  Writing specialists need to be available for as many students as possible.