Time Management

Ten Tips for Improving Time Management

  1. Concentrate on one thing at a time.
  2. Plan your day—preferably the night before. Set priorities for yourself.
  3. Keep a daily planner or calendar with you to jot down the things you have to do or notes to yourself.
  4. Avoid wasting time—all time can be useful, even small segments of time. Use this time to review notes or preview material for the next class.
  5. Reward yourself when you get things done as planned, especially the important ones.
  6. Set deadlines for yourself whenever possible.
  7. Stop regretting failures and learn from your mistakes.
  8. Remind yourself, "There is always enough time for the important things." If it is important, make time to do it.
  9. Examine and revise your long-term goals on a monthly basis. Reflect on progress towards those goals frequently. Also have daily or short term goals.
  10. Post reminders about your goals in obvious places, e.g., in your room, in your planner, etc.