All-Employee Email Distribution Policy

Effective Fall Semester 1999

We now have the capability to send relevant email to the entire Viterbo faculty and staff. Use of this communication vehicle should be undertaken with prudence and courtesy to assure our system is not cluttered with unnecessary or inappropriate messages which can better be distributed via some other method.

If you would like to take advantage of this system capability, keep in mind the following restrictions: 

  1. Use is restricted to news and announcements regarding Viterbo business and activities which are applicable to all employees. It is not intended to be used to conduct personal business or to promote/publicize a personal opinion, cause or ideal, or to serve as a discussion forum.
  2. Only emails sent by employees from university issued, employee email accounts are allowed.
  3. Short messages are appreciated and news/announcements should only appear once.
  4. Do not include any form of attachments. You may, as a part of your email, include a Web-based link to a Viterbo University Web page which contains more detailed information.

At present, the system does not differentiate classes of employees (ie., full-time/part-time, faculty/administration/staff). Your message will be distributed to all employees.

In cases of extreme or urgent circumstances, a message can be distributed to the entire campus (students and employees). Contact Anthony Slaby (ext. 3042) if you have a need to use this service or have any other questions regarding the policies for sending email to all employee accounts.

Your cooperation in introducing this highly valuable medium will be appreciated. The President's Cabinet will periodically review this policy to determine if any changes are necessary.

To send your email message to all employees, send your message to the following address: AllEmployeeAccounts  ( is not necessary for this address). For ease of use in the future, enter the address into your address book.